Competition Results

Below are results of the Visual Cardano competition. They are ordered from top to bottom in most to least votes. You can click each entry to open the full version in a new window.

You can also review the raw voting results and feedback.

1st Place
Visual by Jotape

The winning visual consists of two parts that go together: a large image and a spreadsheet. Click the buttons to open them in their own tabs.

Please note: the image opens in a new tab from where you can zoom in to see more detail.

2nd Place
Visual by Ilia Rashev

The visual in second place is a Miro board. Click the button to open it in a new tab.

3rd Place
Visual by CaptainDang

The visual in third place is also a Miro board. Click to open it in a new tab.

4th Place
Visual by RobotArm

The visual in fourth place is again a Miro board. Click to open it in a new tab.