About this project

This project emerged when we tried to orient ourselves in the vast Cardano ecosystem and got lost. Multiple times…

We believe information is best taken in visually, so we decided to create a VISUAL map of the Cardano ecosystem. But then we asked ourselves:

  • What would be the best VISUAL, and
  • Who should make it?

The solution was – a competition.

Funded by the Cardano community

Project Catalyst gave us the leverage to put the idea into practice. We created a proposal and a few months later we got the results. The project was voted for and funded by the Cardano community through Project Catalyst Fund 8 from the first go! We are happy to find out that other community members also see the need for such VISUALS.

Built by the community for the community

It is obvious, but we want to say it just in case: we are not related to Cardano Foundation, IOG or EMURGO. We are a community project, built by the community for the community. What you are going to see on this website is information collected, organized and VISUALLY presented by community members. The information was reviewed for accuracy by other community members.

Getting in touch

If you see any inaccuracy and can support your statement, please get in touch and help us make the visuals better for the next user. You can find us at [email protected].


Project funding

This project has been funded with support from the Cardano community through Project Catalyst Fund 8. Publications reflect the views only of the authors. The Cardano Foundation, Input Output Global, EMURGO and the Visual Cardano team cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Who we are

 Iliya Rashev

Iliya Rashev


Iliya is an electrical engineer and an organic farmer with quite diverse professional experience in entrepreneurship, electrical engineering, sales, FOREX trading, cooperation building and organic farming. He likes things organized and efficient. Iliya is in awe of nature and the dynamic of the opposing forces.

Ognian Gadoularov

Ognian Gadoularov

Project Coordination

Ognian is graduated veterinary medicine in 2000. Since 2007, he is working in the field of training and non-formal education. He is certified trainer in business skills by DEVELOR International; Graduated as a youth trainer by SALTO-Youth;

He has prepared and conducted more than 40 international educational projects funded by European Youth in Action and Erasmus + Programs. Main topics of his work are Sustainability and Responsible consumption, Training design, Training of Trainers, Social change and Human rights.

Dave van Deudekom

Dave van Deudekom

Web Design

Dave works as a freelance webdesigner with clients all over the world. He holds a degree in business economics with a specialisation in environmental management and is passionate about open source projects, entrepreneurship and creating things that help humanity progress in a sustainable way.

Having lived a relatively busy lifestyle for many years, he now prefers to live more quietly, simply, and closer to nature.

Miro Miroslavov

Miro Miroslavov

Marketing Coordination

Miro is a heating technology engineer by education and permaculture designer by heart. He likes things well done and problems solved : )

Living in many different countries gave him the opportunity to have a better understanding and broader view of our world. He’s keen on finding local solutions for global problems and shifting down a gear. Permaculture is a way of living for him and his beautiful big family. Miro has a rich experience in natural building and organic farming, and is also a passionate wild mushroom hunter!