Rules for the Competition

Below are the rules for entry into the competition. Please note the competition is open from 14 June 2022 to 19 July 2022.

Also see the competition timeline and the competition entry form.

Please make yourself familiar with these rules before entering the competition.

Your visual

1. Submit a digital visual representation of the Cardano ecosystem in the time interval 14 June 2022 to 19 July 2022 that is compliant with the rules below.

1.1 Your visual should be broad, encompassing the whole Cardano ecosystem. You can focus more on the areas that you know best and sketch with less but sufficient detail the rest. We are looking for the full picture with the ability to zoom in and out depending on the detail that the user needs.

1.2 Use hyperlinks to show where the source of the information you are presenting is, so that people looking at your visual can easily get more relevant information if they wish.

1.3 We should be able to place your visual on this website (, so please plan accordingly. We prefer visualizations and we can provide the hosting for that visual. But we will accept everything that we can place on the website.

We can host the following formats:

  • Miro boards (our preferred format)
  • PDF documents
  • Images/photographs/drawings in JPG or PNG format
  • HTML code
  • MP4 video
  • Prezi presentations

If you’d like to submit a visualization in a different format, please check with us first to make sure we can host it.

1.4 Your visual should represent the current state of the Cardano ecosystem at the moment of submission. Please use information that can be verified.

1.5 If you participate in the competition you release your intellectual property of the visuals with which you participate. That means we or anyone else can change that visual in a way they see fit after the competition is over and the rewards are distributed. We ask this in order to be able to fix inaccuracies or update the visual over time.

1.6 Your visual should not be locked in any way (for example with a password), so that the community can view it, change it, and update it in the future.

Your participation

2. To participate we ask you to fill in a form with your details and send it to us by email together with your visual. The details we ask for are as follows:

2.1   The name you want to use in this competition (does not have to be your real name).

2.2   Your email where we can reach you (we will use it only in regards to this project).

2.3   Your wallet address where we should send the rewards if you are ranked in the top five.

2.4   Confirmation that you understand and agree that by participating in this competition you release your intellectual or other property rights over all visuals that you enroll in the competition.

2.5   Whether you are willing to work with us in the future on updating your visual if we manage to source funding. And if yes, what the best way would be to reach you in the future.

2.6   Confirmation that you understand and agree that the decision for accepting any visual to the competition, including yours is a sole responsibility to the QA (Quality Assurance) committee.

2.7   Confirmation that you understand and agree that the decision for the accuracy of the community voting and the following results for the ranking of the visuals in this competition is a sole responsibility to the QA committee.

Rewards and additional info

3. All correspondence is through our email address [email protected].

4. The QA committee decides which visuals are accepted for the competition and which are not, based on the compliance to the rules of the competition.

5. The QA committee oversees the community voting process.

6. The competition follows the timeline outlined at

7. There are five rewards for the first five places in the ranking. All funds for rewards enter the rewards fund independently of what time we receive them and at the end of the competition we divide the rewards fund as follows:

  • 1st place 3/7 of the rewards funds,
  • 2nd place 2/7 of the rewards funds,
  • 3rd place 1/7 of the reward funds,
  • 4th and 5th place 0.5/7 of the reward funds each.

The need to present the rewards in this manner is in order to be accurate and fair. Due to high volatility of ADA and the gradual release of funds from the Project Catalyst, this is the fairest way we see to distribute the rewards.

In theory and with 0 volatility on the market in the next 3 months this will be approximately $3000 in ADA for 1st place, $2000 in ADA for 2nd place, $1000 in ADA for 3rd place and $500 in ADA each for 4th and 5th place.

8. Participants can submit up to two visuals per person.

9. Any form of obscene language will not be tolerated and the competitor will not be allowed to participate.

10. Use your common sense; we want you to participate and show to everyone your superior work, so please help us enable that.