This is the order of events for the competition with the planned dates for them to happen. 

There are five phases for the project: entry of visuals, acceptance, community voting, announcement of winners, and survey & completion.

Step 1 – Entry submission phase

14 June 2022
Start date for submitting visuals.
Rules for the competition are posted on the website and participants can begin entering into the competition.

19 July 2022
End date for submitting visuals.

After this date, no new entries can be submitted.

Step 2 – Entry acceptance phase

After submitting the visuals, a team of community members (the QA committee) will review if the visuals meet the requirements for the competition. They’ll let each participant know whether their visual is accepted for the competition, or if it is not compliant with the rules and needs additional changes.

26 July 2022
End date for submission + 1 week.
End of acceptance phase.

A list with the accepted competitors and their work will be published on this website for the community to explore.

Step 3 – Community voting and survey phase

1 August 2022
26 July 2022
Start date for community voting.

The community can explore the submitted visuals from this website and voting for the best visualization starts. There is a brief survey included in the voting phase, to evaluate the project.

15 August 2022
09 August 2022
End of community voting.

Step 4 – Winners and rewards

From 15 August 2022
From 09 August 2022
Winners are announced and rewards are distributed among the winners. Please note that due to the way funds are released there may be a 40 days delay between the winners being announced and the rewards being sent.

Step 5 – Completion

From 20 August 2022
From 09 August 2022
The results of the project (winners and survey) are published on this website.
End of the project.